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First Blog Post

Starting this out pretty straight forward and with very low effort. Decided to have a blog, protect it with a password and see what becomes of it.

Might send out the password to the mailing list, might do a patreon type thing and have this as an exclusive area, I dont know.

I'll probably post sketchbook stuff here, photos from my days and random thoughts ect.

First example, today I was walking around Melbourne and saw someone who looked like they've used a lot of rough drugs in their time wearing a pink adidas bootleg that replaced adidas with addict. Felt like I was inside the film 'They Live'.

Looked something like this:

Ended up giving some sticker packs away, tonight I'm finally releasing them for sale, hopefully they end up doing well enough to keep doing them, they've been such a fun thing to put together.

Anyhow, I'll keep eating these chocolate coated coffee beans so I dont fall asleep before they launch.

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