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Musing about Moving

The last little while has gotten me thinking more about moving again. I had this itch before last year, but due to all the excitement of a new routine and changes of pace (time at home, then full time work, then freelance again), I was feeling like everything was new and exciting enough to distract me from a greater urge that I've held onto for the last couple of years.

So I've started making a new body of work, I'll try and exhibit it by the end of the year and then I'll probably just stick to paper work until I leave. Trying to minimise my possessions (or at least the footprint they occupy) so that it'll be easier to sort when I do make the move. Anyhow, I had a break halfway through writing this to finish a painting and eat a piece of toast. Heres the finished painting. Not sure if I'll post it to insta yet or hold off until I announce the show

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