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Nostalgia tangent

Chatting with a friend today and got onto the topic of nostalgia. I've been seeing ads on facebook for things that have been gradually getting more and more cringe,

I got into the bad habit of entertaining myself with them at the start by commenting underneath making fun of it all in a subtle enough way where I can get really extreme and yet other people dont know if I'm serious or not.

I've been finding it quite fun, but I also realised that its feeding into the algorithm so it probably thinks I'm engaging in it because I'm interested in it and keeps lowing the bar to what it gives me.

What really set me off was seeing someone 3d print out a pokeball and put an empty juice bag inside it to fill up with jack daniels.

It was peak saturation of the soy-boy stereotype.

Can you imagine going out to a party as a grown man, pulling out something inspired by a tv show targeted at 10 year olds and using it to fill up your drink. Who is impressed by that?

For me its on the same level as bronies - though I think more people see bronies and feel the same feeling I get when I see someone in their mid 30s playing with pokemon toys regularly.

It doesnt bother me though when people are revisiting that stuff briefly for nostalgias sake, but in excess becomes toxic and makes me question "if our generation is spending all their money on pokemon cards, furry outfits and plastic funko toys, are we surprised how little of us own property? Do we even deserve to? Don't get me wrong, I don't think the environment that we were put into gives us the same favours as previous generations, but still... Are we even trying or have we just tapped out?

I dont know what the solution is, I dont know what the consequences are, I'm now on my third glass of whiskey and ginger ale and am trying to wrap this up so I can go back to drawing. All in all, regardless of where my generation is at, we can do some work to strive to be better. I think theres a part of that going on with people trying to raise awareness of issues (racial, class and gender) but theres also a lot of room for improvement when it comes to growing up.

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