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Pigeon City Game

I started off with the idea to do a box art cover for a fake game that I called Pigeon city. The visuals were inspired by the aesthetics of sim city but with a pigeon as the focus.

There are certain ideas that I have that I know are dumb but I have such a fun time laughing to myself like an idiot while making them. This was one of those ideas.

I showed my friend Aaron and he suggested I make it an actual game.

I'd played around with making really basic homebrew games for the gameboy in the past so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I continued laughing like an idiot for the rest of the night while I made sprites and backgrounds for it. By the next morning I had a basic screen you could walk and jump around in.

I excitedly showed him and my work felt justified when he shared my enthusiasm for it.

I'm currently still working on it during the evenings (so that I can do physical paintings and stuff during the day. But soon I'll start posting links to play the game through my Kofi account (among other exclusives).

I'll post screenshots here so you can get an idea of what it looks like though.

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