The asian groceries in Melbourne are top quality

I think I've been on a solid diet of Chinese dumplings and Japanese curries the last couple of weeks, having quality asian groceries nearby is such a blessing.

But on a different note, I've been feeling a lot less productive.

Lockdown has a familiar feeling, one that comes around every year in early January where peoples good intentions drive them to create a list of things for their new year. Things that don't get done.

I've done a couple of drawings but not to the same degree as I was last time I posted on here.

I finished a commission for a friend and started a couple more a4 pieces but I went from drawing everyday to hardly at all.

Its something that I'll get on top of again. I guess everyones been blaming stuff on the lockdown here so I can do the same.

Anyhow, heres a photo I took at the studio from my gameboy

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