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To catch up

So I've moved to Canada.

Spent some time in Montreal and am now in Ontario.

Montreal was plenty of fun, I met some new friends and caught up with old ones.

There was a spot near where I was staying that was real nice to paint so I hit that up a couple times and met some locals there.

Tried some local asian food, first couple attempts were a bit disappointing but then was shown a Japanese joint that had the best Chicken Karaage Don I think I've ever had, so it wasnt all that bad.

Still adjusting to the new location in Ontario, its nice to be somewhere that speaks english again and where I've found myself is super nice with a very local community feel to it.

Started working on some new works, I'll throw them on here soon.

Working on some new zines (a couple at once), and a few walls.

Art supplies are much cheaper here and for a while I was filling up a new sketchbook that I bought over here. Feeling productive.

Winter is on its way so I'm trying to get ready for that (both mentally and with supplies).

I wanna make sure that when it gets here I've got art supplies to make a bunch of work and a good mental space to not get all affected by the weather. I think having the projects I have planned out will help me with that.

Postage back to Australia is pretty wacky from this side of the planet, I figure continuing paper works is a good idea if I'm going to keep shipping costs down so its good that I've been enjoying it.

Working on getting some more things going with Napsack, I havent forgotten that. Will try and get the ball rolling on some new stuff soon. If I can get enough new zines/products together I'd like to set up a little stall somewhere over here.

Would be cool to get that going but I dont wanna let out too much info just yet.

If anyone wants to hit me up with any interesting things they want me to check out over this part of the world shoot me a line at

So far I have:

-Niagara falls

-Denver Airport (to check out the weird conspiracies there)

-Detroit (all the crazy things to see there)

Anyhow, I'll try and keep the posting here a bit more regularly,

I'm feeling like I'll keep dripping stuff on insta to keep the algorithm happy but do more in depth updates here. Keep the feeling nice and personal :))

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