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James Wilson is a young Australian artist whose work crosses through the worlds of animation, illustration and painting.

Journeying through the nostalgia of obsolete technology, youth culture and the pitfalls of young love, Wilson’s rose-tinted references look back at the universal growing pains of adolescence and unripe adulthood.


Wilson currently works out of Newfoundland, Canada where he creates visual reactions to his new environment.

Exploring life through loose and often nonlinear narratives, his acute observations peer through a wryly introspective lens, deconstructing cultural stereotypes and poking fun at fragile male egos and sassy female stereotypes.


Encompassing everything from dating apps and youth culture, Wilson presents abstracted miniature storylines in his captivating vignettes. Scornful female characters spit acidic ripostes at skater bois from behind sultry eyelashes, everyday items like crushed beer cans, spray paint nozzles and lighters are deconstructed to form loosely-arced narratives in voyeuristic vignettes.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 - I Don’t Even Know Where I am Anymore, Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne

2022 - Off the Grid, 1xRun, Detroit

2020 - Breakups and Breakdowns, 1xRun, Detroit

2019 - Bored and Lonely, Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne

2018 - Low Res Reactions, Bside Gallery, Melbourne

2018 - Multiple Personalities, LoosePrint Art Space, Melbourne

Split Exhibitions

2017 - Sequence (Split with Regam Tamanui), Off the Kerb, Melbourne

2017 - Sequence (Split with Regam Tamanui), Qbank Gallery, Queenstown

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 - Le Board Show, Hampton Gallery, Montreal

2021 - Our Melbourne, Victorian Artists Society, Melbourne

2021 - Prism City, The Hue and Cry Gallery, Geelong

2020 - Home away from Home, Blender Studios-Pop up exhibition space, Melbourne

2019 - All Hands on Deck, Fort Heart, Melbourne

2019 - Bside's 3rd Birthday, Bside Gallery, Melbourne

2019 - Troublemakers II, VS Gallery, Melbourne

2019 - Rock Fever, Marfa Gallery, Melbourne

2019 - 12 x 12, Stockroom, Melbourne

2018 - Troublemakers, VS Gallery, Melbourne

2018 - Intermission, Collingwood Arts Precinct , Melbourne

2017 - Blender Biennale, Blender Studios, Melbourne

2016 - Annual Blender Christmas show, Blender Studios, Melbourne

2015 - 12 x 12, Stockroom, Melbourne

Live Painting

2023 - Free for all Walls, Windsor, Ontario, Can

2023 - Murals in Islandview, Detroit, Michigan, USA

2023 - KJ Bit Laneway Jam, Toronto, Ontario, Can

2023 - Canette de Ruelle, Montreal, Quebec, Can

2023 - Canette d'epinette, Le San, Quebec, Can

2023 - Belgrave Street Art Festival, Belgrave, Aus

2023 - Bendigo Mural Trail, Bendigo, Aus

2021 - Riverslide Skatepark, Melbourne, Aus

2015 - Reconciliation Week, City of Melbourne, Aus

Self Released Zines

2023 - Notes To Take On The Road

2023 - Notes To Take Me Back Home

2022 - Stress-Free Chocolate

2021 - Amber Dreams

2020 - Somewhat Linear

2018 - Here

2018 - Finite Diotlan

2017 - Yes-No-Yes


2019 -

2016 - Inside Street Art Melbourne (Published by Thames & Hudson)

2011 - Knock Knock Magazine

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