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New Lino Print

This week I mail out some prints to my supporters on Kofi.

Each week I post exclusive stuff on there and each month I mail out some artwork.

This print will become available to pick up soon, I'm currently just working on some backend stuff for the website before I do any drops. I'll be announcing it via email so make sure to be added to the mailing list to hear about it. you can do that here.

I'm happy with how these came out and I'll be doing more in the future. Not having a dedicated studio and working from an apartment has given me a challenge in how I make my work. The restrictions have pushed me to focus on a smaller scale and though I've done block printing before, its been regulated to zine packages and covers, I'm now looking at how I can further push my own practice with it.

I used to hate lino cuts at school. I was constantly drawing blood from the tools slipping and the pieces I was exposed to weren't interesting to me. I found them basic, boring and generic. Like a record collector digging through crates for a gem, I kind of had to look deeper than the bulk of work that I was exposed to, to be able to find stuff that I found inspiring. Now after seeing block printing masters, Hasui Kawase for example, I have found not only an appreciation for the medium, but inspiration to improve my own skillset in it.


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